Master Touch is an accomplished videography company that specialises in designing videos from all sorts of events (weddings, engagements, christenings, birthday parties, concerts and many other special occasions).

To capture your special event on video is one thing, but to have Master Touch capture all the live events with distinguishing detail is another.

Master Touch has had many years of experience within the videography industry and have proven themselves to be one of the best. With a range of different packages, you can choose a set to best suit you. With top accustomed editors, your video will be composed of flawless special effects that’ll enlighten the entire footage. Master Touch uses only the most leading equipment, that being of Sony DV, Sony HD and Canon Cinematic cameras, Apple Mac computers, with established programmes such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Juicer Effects etc..

In the end, it comes down to the most important thing – which is YOU. That’s why at MTVP, we believe the customer should always feel that they received everything they asked for at ultimate satisfaction.

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